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Private Air charters Mombasa Airport
Book Private Charter Flights from
Mombasa (Moi) International Airport to

- Ukunda Airstrip Diani

- Vipingo Private Airstrip

- Kilifi Airstrip

- Malindi airport

- Lamu Manda Airport

From Mombasa Airport to Ukunda for your Diani Beach Hotels

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Mombasa air Transfers offers low cost charter flights from Mombasa International airport to Ukunda Airstrip in Diani avoiding Ferry delays and being on time for your Diani beach holiday or vacation.We at Rainbow air charter services, offer Private charter flights to private Vipingo airstrip at Vipingo Ridge Holiday Homes & Villas .Also find Private charter flights to Kilifi ,Malindi and lamu Manda airports
Find Your Flying Safari Company to Kenyan coast on private charter flights to Diani Ukunda airstrip,Vipingo Private Air Strip servicing the new Vipingo Ridge Golf Course,Kilifi airstrip,Maindi airport,Lamu Manda airport.
Mombasa -Ukunda Airstrip (15 mins) Mombasa -Malindi (35 mins) Mombasa -Vipingo (15 mins)
2- 3 pax - $300 2- 3 pax - $600 2- 3 pax - $350
3-5 pax -$400 3-5 pax- $950$ 3-5 pax - $500
Luggage limit 15kg Per person Luggage limit 15kg Per person Luggage limit 15kg Per person
Private Luggage Transfer -300kg -$300 Private Luggage Transfer -300kg- $600 Private Luggage Transfer -300kg - $350
Private Luggage Transfer -400kg -$400 Private Luggage Transfer -400kg-$950$ Private Luggage Transfer -400kg -$500
All Private Flights are Operated by Cessna 172/182 and Cessna 206
The prices are per aircraft and are Inclusive of Landing charges,Departutes taxes,Pilots allowances


Mombasa International Airport to Ukunda Airstrip Private Air transfers:/Ukunda Airtstrip air transfers to Moi Airport
Mombasa - Moi International Airport -[MIA] on the Kenyan coast is sited much closer to Mombasa city although most of the tourist hotels are situated much further out at various distances.while Ukunda Airstrip is a feeder Airstrip that deals mostly with tourists from south coast hotels taking them to and from their Holiday accomodations.The access between Mombasa airport and the south coast is by ferry or by private air Transfers.Sometimes the Ferry can be dissapointing through delays,operational hiccups,water levels,ferry timings,making it easier for all conviniency and time management when you book a private air charter from mombasa to ukunda in Diani OR from Ukunda in Diani to moi airport in Mombasa which is only a 15 minutes flight maximum.

Transfers from Mombasa Airport to Kilifi airstrip:If looking for an air transfer from Mombasa International Airport to Kilifi airstrip, we offer Private charters to Kilifi airstrip with our Cessna 172/182 and Cessna 206

Looking for private Flights to Watamu in Malindi? If your international flights land directly into Mombasa and need to connect on a safe and quick air transfer to Malindi International Airport, we offer afordable Private flights from Mombasa to Malindi airport .Our private air transfers are based on 2-3 passangers and 3- 5 passangers aircrafts.The flight transit time is 30mins.

Vipingo Ridge air Transfers from Mombasa international airport.looking for a convinient air transfer from Mombasa airport to Vipingo private airstrip Vipingo Ridge,? Kindly talk to us.The transfers are offered in 2-3 passangers Cessna 172/182 and Cessna 206 aircrafts

Manda airstrip is in Manda Island in the Lamu Archipelago:We do private charter flights to Manda Airport in Lamu.The flights are operated from moi international airport ( Mombasa ) in the same category of aircrafts { Cessna 172/182 and Cessna 206 }.Kindly feel free to contact us

Looking for Sightseeing Flight at Kenyan Coast?We offer Scenic Flight Safari flies to the Kenya Coast beaches .Fell free to contact us

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